Timber Exploit And Freight

Our employees transport logs of timber from the heart of the equatorial rain forest via Camrail to our warehouse located at the economic capital-Douala.

The various species of wood transport from the wild include:

Iroko ,Ayous, Sapelle, Bubinga, Azobe

Cameroon possesses significant forest resources with good potential for SFM.

Key points

  • Cameroon has an estimated 12.8 million hectares of PFE, comprising 8.84 million hectares of natural production forest, 3.90 million hectares of protection forest and 17,000 hectares of industrial timber plantations.
  • At least 500,000 hectares of natural-forest production PFE are estimated to be managed sustainably. Insufficient data were available to estimate the area of protection PFE so managed.
  • In 2004, nine foreign companies held 3.15 million hectares of the concession area in 45 FMUs. Of 72 FMUs, 32 had approved management plans, the management plans of 17 had been rejected by MINFOF, the status of 14 was unknown and 19 were in process.
  • Of the 4.95 million hectares of PFE under licence or allocated to concessions, about 1.76 million hectares had a management plan or had completed forest inventories for the preparation of a management plan.
  • The integrity of the PFE is threatened by encroachment, poaching and poor logging practices, including illegal logging, but no official data on the extent of these are available.
  • There is a good framework of policy and legislation but its implementation is limited.
  • Despite considerable efforts to reorganize the forest administration and improve forest law enforcement, the implementation capacity of MINFOF remains weak due to a lack of funding, training and internal control.
  • Cameroon is rich in biodiversity, accommodating more than 8,300 plant species, about 297 mammal species and 848 bird species; nearly half of all the bird and mammal species of Africa are present in Cameroon’s forests.
    Exploit and Transport

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Company Profile

Since 2004

Established in 2004 Atlantic Express Services, operates in Douala,
Cameroon and branches in Land lock countries of Chad, Central African
Republic and Nigeria.

Our Vision:

It is our goal to be the preferred freight forwarder, shipping and
logistics service provider to our customers by providing an excellent
service that satisfies all their needs.

We will achieve this through adherence to constantly evolving quality
objectives and a team of highly skilled team members.

Our success will be measured in the generation of long term business
relationships and returning customers.

Mission Statement:

Our mission statement is to provide our customers with the best
service possible in order that they can service their customers
efficiently and so grow and develop their business accordingly.

Cargo Clearance:

Atlantic Express Services recognizes that freight forwarding and cargo
clearance play an important role in the growth of the world economy.
Every country has its own Customs procedure to be followed in cargo
clearance; these procedural requirements are laid down and classified
according to international standards services. Sellers and buyers of
goods may not be aware of these procedures, lay down by various

Our company offers services designed to guide its freight customers
through the relevant cargo clearance/forwarding concerns for simple
freight forwarding.


With over 11 years combined experience in the freight forwarding and
logistics industries and with many of our key personnel having spent
years in key positions within some of the country’s renounce logistics

Our services include:

Sea shipping importing/exporting (Full container / less than container)
Air shipping importing/exporting
Land transportation and transit to Chad, Central African Republic and Nigeria.
Warehousing and distribution
Due Diligence/Spot Inspection
Cargo surveys
Customs brokerage
Inland transportation
Door to door services
Bonded storage
Dangerous goods handling
Project handling (Exhibitions, fairs and events etc)
4th Party logistics.

Nforh CheSuh Lawrence
Head Office
Atlantic Express Services
Marine Bush House
BP .4751 Douala
Great Soppo Buea
BP. 465 Buea
Website: www.atlanticexpress.co.uk